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July 2007
I did it! I am doing it! and I don't mean truck driving.. I am updating this page. Well as far as truck driving goes the things I hate about it are starting to eclipse the things I like about it. 1. Not consistant enough pay (not enough dollars either for what I am giving up.) 2. Not enough time off (they can't seem to get me home when I ask so it makes it impossible to plan anything.) 3. Hard to keep active, health suffering again when I was doing so much better. 4. Hard to find a date on the road (so far dating websites have been a bust.)

The good news is I may have found a driving job that fixes all these problems. If I can get this job. More to come on this.

I finished my training with a different Mentor than i started with. I am still with Swift. This guy was a professional. He really got me off on the right foot. He is pretty hard core in his beliefs and was considerably more to the right than myself but I found his stories and life to be completly amazing. I wish I could get some of his fearlessness. Anyway, I still can contact him when I have stupid questions or just want to chat.

I am still working on new songs for RandyLand. I would like to thank these people and in no particular order. Jason, Montgomery, Alan, Eric, Brian, Chris, Alex and Sean for there help where my new recordings are concerned. I am trying to get my own studio again. Albeit, my heart is in Minneapolis I plan on buying a triplex in Lincoln, NE. I will be converting the garage at this building to work as my recording studio. I have the motorhome and am working on how I can split my time between Lincoln and Minneapolis. The new, crosss your fingers, job will go a long way towards getting what I want out of this life and if that doesn't work out something else will.

You cannot imagine the ammount of stuff we deliver every day. It boggles the mind. Truck driving is a thankless hard job and when you get behind a truck remember that all, ALL, the things you own were delivered by a truck and that a vehical that weighs 70,000+ lbs cannot accelerate or stop like a car can. There are truckers that seem to use their trucks as intimidation tools but there are a lot more that don't. You can also assume that many drivers are new to their jobs. This industries turn over rate is so freakin high.

Janurary 2007
If I update this at all I am doing better than I figured I would do. I am driving for Swift Transportation as of now. It is exactly one week into over the road driving and I am doing fine. It's kind of like camping but you get paid for it. The hardest thing to find is a good shower but you can use a bunch of handi wipes and get fairly clean. Maybe this falls into the too much information thing but I don't care. I have had a gentle introduction to trucking as the teachers at SCC were patient and good as well as the "Mentor" Swift assigned to me. He has nice way of putting things and has helped me get started in a no-pressure atmosphere. The only pressure I have is self induced. I have five more weeks until I can solo and am looking forward to it. After I finish my training I plan on going back to Minneosta as there is a swift terminal up north there and some dedicated routes I may be able to get on with. The picutre is of my class at the community college and the other one is of my new home.

October 2006
Back in Nebraska, going to trucking school. That is what is happening now. I still am rooming with my oldest friend, Brian, and it is going well. We are going into a team driving situation. Soon now, I will be going to SCC's job fair where I will find employment. So if I owe anybody any money hit me up in a few months and I will pay you back.

New Orleans stands behind me now. A fadeing memory I will soon not forget. I am happy to have visited the storm damaged town and am also glad to feel like I know my way around that city now. I will go back there someday to see how it is progressing. Storm cleanup will take so long who knows when it will look "back to normal". Chris stayed there and I am going to keep in touch with him. I wish him well.

july 2006
Yellow Water Road is where I had to go to get the motor home fixed. It had been acting up since I left Lincoln. There was this loss of power and we put up with it for almost the entire trip to New Orleans. It just got worse and worse and finally had to do something about it. When looking for a mechanic you never know what you may get. The mechanic I found in Hammond, LA had some kind of gospel playing on his radio. I took that as a good sign. He seemed like a honest soul. After talking with him for a bit I found out he had just been robbed the week before. I felt really sorry for the guy, but who knows maybe he was not as nice as he seemed. When I comes to mechanics I have a non-trusting streak. I guess that is the cynic in me. Well, he did fix the problem. Now I am in New Orleans living in a RV with Brian.